Is this Program for you?

  • Sustainability Goals

    Does your office have a zero waste goal or a sustainability goal related to waste reduction and diversion? This program will help you understand your baseline and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

  • Know Your Waste

    Would you like to do a waste audit? Do you want to learn whether your office is recycling right and how to reduce what you send to landfill? You will learn how to do a waste audit and get actionable recommendations that you can implement. We will even give you some tools to crunch the data!

  • Behavior Change

    Do you need to train your colleagues and create a low waste culture office? This program is full of helpful resources such as signage, training decks, a green team program, FAQs and marketing communication materials.

Program Details

The program will help you develop and implement a waste reduction and diversion program within your office. We call it a self-guided program because you go at your own pace and you implement the program that works best for your office. Topics include:

  • Developing a baseline assessment of the office

  • Conducting waste audits

  • Establishing goals and the plans to achieve them

  • Setting up infrastructure in the office - bins, signage, cleaning team process, etc.

  • Supporting a behavior change - trainings, new programs, communications, etc.

  • Plus: Access to our tools, templates, marketing materials

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I be able to do after going through this program?

    This program will help you (and your team) implement a waste reduction and diversion program in your office. You will learn how to gather the data you need to set your baseline, including how to do a waste audit and what to look for when you walking through the building. You will develop an action plan based on what you learned during the data gathering phase. And then we will help you with implementation of the plan in order to achieve your waste reduction goals. We will provide you with best practices on signage and bins plus we will guide you in implementing programs such as composting and eliminating single use items. In addition we will help you develop a behavior change program to support achieving your waste reduction goals. We also provide a large suite of tools that you can use as you develop a plan and implement.

  • Why is it called Self-Guided?

    The program is called self-guided because you can go at your own pace and choose what you want to implement and focus on.

  • Who should purchase this program?

    This program will help businesses with implementing waste reduction and diversion programs. If you are responsible for implementing a sustainability program focused on waste then this program is for you! And if you are interested in helping your colleagues and your office do more to reduce their waste (including recycling better, composting, switching to reusables, etc.) then this program will give you the information and the tools to engage your office and implement programs that will work and see results.

  • What will I get from this program?

    We have been working with businesses and buildings for 4 years on waste reduction and diversion. We have taken all of our tools and templates plus our learnings about what works and doesn't work and have put it all together in this program. You will benefit from our experience and will get tools, templates and ideas that you can immediately use and implement in your building space.

  • What is the timeframe for completing this program?

    You can go at your own pace! We do give you access to the content slowly in order to not overwhelm you . But you can take as long as you want to review the content and implement what is best for your office space and goals.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We have a 14 day cancellation policy. We think you will get tremendous value from the program but we do offer a money back guarantee during your first 14 days no question asked.

The Think Zero LLC Team & Your Instructors

Supporting you and your office in meeting your sustainability goals

Anna Sacks

Anna is a Senior Associate at Think Zero LLC. Prior to joining Think Zero, Anna spent seven months working on an organic farm in rural Connecticut, and two years at a global investment bank as an analyst. Anna is a Master Composter, certified by the Lower East Side Ecology Center, and a rescuer at the food rescue nonprofit Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. She has a B.A. from Columbia College.

Sarah Currie-Halpern

Before forming Think Zero LLC, Sarah previously ran the Solid Waste and Zero Waste Programs for the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS). Her work focused on implementing the Zero Waste Plan by increasing commercial, school, and NYCHA composting and recycling, encouraging waste reduction, reuse, and donation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from waste, and developing/improving waste policy. She is responsible for the Zero Waste section of OneNYC and the Waste section of 80x50. Sarah also ran the multi-agency Zero Waste Steering Committee, co-lead the OneNYC Water Fountain and Bottle Refiller Task Force, developed and lead the Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge, and pushed forward groundbreaking work around light pollution. Sarah is a steering committee member and Former Chair of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) and a Board Member of the College of the Atlantic, Earth Day Initiative, and the R Baby Foundation. Sarah holds a B.S. from Boston University School of Management and a certificate from New York University. She is certified as a TRUE Zero Waste Business Associate.

Ushma Pandya

Ushma has had a lifelong interest in waste reduction. Before the term "zero waste" was coined, she was raising awareness about consumption and waste with her schoolmates and work colleagues. Prior to Think Zero, Ushma held senior management roles with American Express, Booz & Co., and Katzenbach Partners. She has worked on environmental issues with organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund, the Department of Environment of the City of Chicago, and Acumen. Ushma is on the Board of the NYC chapter of New York League of Conservation Voters and was on the Board of Sustainable South Bronx (including overseeing the for-profit subsidiary Cool Roofs that worked on cooling and greening roofs throughout NYC). Ushma holds degrees from Georgetown University, Columbia University and Harvard University. She is certified as a TRUE Zero Waste Business Associate by GBCI.